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THE MALFERD LERNER FOUNDATION is a non-profit charitable organization. It's sole purpose is to help the well-being of cancer patients and to honour MARILYN LERNER’S life and for everyone that has or is suffering from Cancer.


Doctor’s and Nurses work tirelessly to cure this illness using mainly Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. But dealing with the side effects from the treatment is another matter, which poses a threat to one's immune system both physically and mentally.

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Our Vision

The Foundation will operate from Beauty Salons starting in London Its purpose is to relieve anxiety, to give self-confidence and to help them to confront any obstacle that they may have to endure.

The funding will come from the Foundation and pay for any Beauty Treatments we call it BEAUTY THERAPY. It is to pamper and relax them during, before or after their treatment, even if it’s just for an hour or a day to make feel better in themselves.

Both Salons are donating their space and expertise in supporting the foundation for Cancer patients to help them relax and feel better.


All of their treatments are carried out by very qualified and caring staff.

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My story is probably not dissimilar to everyone else's, I am MARILYN LERNER husband Ferdi, MARILYN was a kind fun loving person always caring for others. I met her when she was just 16 and it was love at first sight and we were inseparable for nearly 60 years.


But from a pain in her side she was diagnosed with Cancer, together we battled the Cancer as difficult as it was, but she always had a smile for me and yet still worrying for others, sadly Marilyn passed away on the 23rd April 2019, she was a young 74 full of life, her Legacy will be known of how she battled against Cancer with such courage and determination giving inspiration to others, in the words of her Oncologist, MARILYN was a remarkable amazing woman.


When I think back to 2015 and heard the words “you have cancer” it was frightening, our whole world was turned upside down and you need the strength, courage, a strong will and determination to even consider what you have heard it is a daunting experience. However, life goes on and you have to grit your teeth and be brave to deal with whatever you have to face. 

For over 4 years I have seen what people with Cancer have to go through because of the side effects from the chemo and radiotherapy treatments I felt my wife’s pain and seeing others was heartbreaking, but they were all so amazing.  


Now that she has gone I believe there is so much more I can do to help, both Marilyn and I were Hairdressers making people look and feel good.  That gave me the idea for the Beauty Centres.


This will be my legacy to make these Centres happen in the very best possible way I can. I will spend the rest of my life helping others who suffer from this illness for all the Cancer patients everywhere, to help their fortitude and courage, and I know that my wife would want me to help and this would make her happy.

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