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FOR THE              OF LIFE


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All Services and Treatments will be given for FREE

The beauty centers are for cancer patients to help them relieve stress and anxiety, to give them self confidence to never ever give up

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Reflexology Therapy
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Reflexology is used for the hands and feet also known as Zone Therapy which is an alternative medical practice for Stress and Pain relief.

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We Massage the head and neck, using warm oil for Tension and Anxiety

Relaxing Facial
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A new look will Help to make you look GOOD and feel BETTER

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Loss of hair is a common side effect. Wigs can conceal hair loss choose a new style for a whole new look.

All the wigs are completely free and we will offer you a change after six months. We will also care and style your new wig as part of our service.

Wigs on Display
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Manicures & Pedicures

Nails can become brittle during treatment, by using nail strengtheners or natural supplements will help to regain their strength.

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